About IEEE

The Purdue University-West Lafayette Student Branch of the IEEE is a student organization devoted to technical achievements and social events with a lot of history. The Purdue IEEE started in 1903 as the Purdue chapter of the AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers), and became the Purdue chapter of the IEEE when the AIEE merged with the IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers) on January 1, 1963 to form the IEEE. Internationally, IEEE is the largest technical organization in the world, with 423,000 members in 160 countries. Of those, 117,000 are Student members with most of them at one of 3,005 Student Branches around the world.

Purdue IEEE is devoted to technical achievements, professional development, learning workshops, and social events. Purdue IEEE Student Branch is split into several committees. IEEE has a decades-long history of cultivating a variety of technical projects and interest groups. Each technical committee is focused on a different goal, but all of them strive to further the technical abilities of members by focusing on certain projects or specialty knowledge. The committees are described in more detail on their individual committee pages, along with news and history specific to themselves.

Many technical committees have come and gone over the years with some so old that exact formation dates have been lost to the ages. Racing Committee is the oldest technical committee, having existed since the 1950's. Racing Committee used to participate in gas-powered Grand Prix intermittently for many years until switching to electric go-karts for the 2011-2012 academic year. Purdue IEEE Computer Society was formed as a technical committee in the early 1990's. It used to be a separate organization following a schism between its leadership and the IEEE officers on September 26, 1996, but the members have been reunited with us since October 11, 2013. Purdue Aerial Robotics Team IEEE was formed back in 1996 to build model aircraft. The team competed in a variety of competitions before moving to fixed-wing aircraft for the 2007-2008 season. ROV Committee was formed in Summer 2008 by Seth Baklor. Purdue IEEE EMBS was founded by Aditya Vaidyam and Anjali Malik officially recognized as a student branch chapter on April 7, 2016. Purdue IEEE MTT-S was formed out of the IDEAS microwave engineering research group under Caleb Fulton in Fall 2009 and joined the Purdue IEEE Student Branch on August 24, 2016.

In addition to the technical aspects, Purdue IEEE also helps our members enter their professional careers, learn engineering software and hands-on skills, and socialize with others to form lasting connections inside and outside of this organization. Our Professional Committee, Learning Committee, and Social Committee exist so that all members regardless of major or prior experience may opportunities to collaborate and network with each other, other students and entities on campus, alumni, corporate partners, and members of the wider IEEE to make themselves the best people they can be. These opportunities often manifest as industry and career nights, corporate sponsors, professor dinners, research fairs, skills workshops, study groups, social media groups, member outings, game nights, and other events.

For more details about our operation, please see our constitution. If you are a Purdue student wanting to join our organization, please subscribe to our mailing lists.