Ian Sibley

Executive Choice Award

Within ROV, Ian has taken on more responsibility this year as a project group head and has run his group smoothly. He went above and beyond what was expected of him this year by balancing his ROV leadership responsibilities with his Software Saturdays responsibilities, which he picked up midway through the semester. He has performed extremely well with both groups, and hasn't let his commitment to one decrease the quality of his work in the other.

Committee Involvement: ROV, Software Saturdays

Ankit Maewall

New Member Choice Award

Ankit joined IEEE with a mission to bring industry leaders to students and our members to learn about different industries. Ankit has excelled at this under the Industrial Relations committee hosting and planning 6 talks in his short time with IEEE. As a new member, Ankit has proven he is willing to work hard and set great examples for the future Industrial Relation events.

Committee Involvement: Industrial Relations

Jason King

Student Choice Award

Jason rose to Electrical Team Lead this year after being Cameras and Sensors Project Group Head in the spring last year. He has helped grow the technical knowledge within the Electrical Team and built up a great atmosphere. He has also helped run several soldering workshops throughout the year to the benefit of everyone who has participated in them.

Committee Involvement: Learning, ROV