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We help our members enter their professional careers, learn engineering, software, and hands-on skills, and socialze with other to form lasting connections.

January 27th from 6:30 - 8:00 PM on Discord

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IEEE Slack

Purdue IEEE uses Slack to communicate with it's members. Anyone with a Purdue email can sign up and get involved with the club. Sign up by clicking the link above and registering for an account. Slack is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

IEEE Discord

Purdue IEEE uses discord for many calls. Join the link above and register for an account. Discord is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.


Purdue IEEE Student Organization requires payment of dues for membership1. Payment of annual dues gives access to IEEE resources, such as:

  • Access to extras at Learning Events by Learning Committee
  • Trip expense coverage for committee competitions and social events
  • Free food at General Assemblies (in the past... we provide masks and disinfectants right now)
  • Recognition for contributed work with final projects
Extraordinary circumstances necessitate complex procedures - please read carefully. Annual dues are $15 for on-campus students2 and $7 for fully-online students3.

This year, you can choose to either pay with physical cash or pay digitally. To pay with physical cash, please go to EE 014, and leave your email and dues with a Treasurer-authorized attendant or IEEE officer inside the office. There are two options for paying digitally: venmo or paypal. For security reasons, we have pinned guidance on how to do this in the #IEEE channel in our Slack.

Upon paying dues, you will receive a Google Forms link that leads to a 1-minute survey. Filling out the requested information in the survey will officially register you in our membership database. Please contact the Treasurer at if you have any dues-related questions.

1If you are a graduate student with an active International IEEE Membership and wish to join the Purdue Student Branch, you are exempt from the local dues! Please contact a Purdue IEEE officer to complete registration.

2If classes go online early, excess dues will be forwarded to the next academic year.

3Must attend events/meetings virtually.