Racing Team History

2017-2018 Season

The 2017 Season was filled with new breath. The goal this year was to refine the go-kart by reorganizing wiring and implementing the long-wanted torque vectoring system. The team used an Arduino to control the two motors. The competition started off strong with the team qualifying 9th in the race. During the race, the driver, Chuck Vamos, worked his way up to 4th place. However fourteen laps in, he got into a rear end collision with the driver behind him. The kart suffered a damaged control arm and was not able to continue the race. The team looks forward to the next season. They plan to fix the control arm and improve the torque vectoring.

2018 Team

2016-2017 Season

The 2016 season was challenging for us due to many members leaving. Our focus this year was repairing and upgrading our current dual-motor go-kart. We had a lot of long nights leading up to the race but were able to field a successful go-kart and finished the race. Due to technical difficulties our finishing position was not recorded and we are currently in the process of solving this. Thank you to all of our sponsors and fans and we look forward to an even better season in 2017!

2016 Team